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Bitcoin Gold Celebrates a Two-Month Anniversary with Updates and a High Price


If you have never heard of the Bitcoin Gold, you have a lot to catch up with the cryptocurrency
news lately. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a digital asset that came out as a hard fork of the classical Bitcoin
just a little bit more than two months ago. The split was set on 24th of October on block height
491407. Back then, the Bitcoin Gold mining community used the term ‘post-mining’ for what was
taken as a developing procedure – the team revealed a total of 100,000 coins onto the market.
This was made through an accelerated mining of around 8,000 blocks at 12.5 BTG per block. To
put it in simple words, the Bitcoin Gold organization’s ambition strived for a safer, bigger and
better maintained cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The official Bitcoin Gold Launch


Bit coin gold 1
Bit coin gold – value

Dated on November 12th, 2017 and since then the
developers seem proud with what was achieved: for only two months the coin is already part of
46 markets on 26 exchanges. The Bitcoin Gold also received support from some of the most
popular instant exchange platforms, such as ShapeShift and Changelly. The BTG network is
growing up with a huge number of online wallets, which includes top hardware wallets, as wells
as mobile and desktop ones. Fiat exchanges were also made possible with the help of custodial
services platforms like Uphold.

One of the most significant changes


amongst the newest upgrades is the development of the core
wallet software. The organization announced recently (on 7th of January 2018) the arrival of the
Bitcoin Gold Wallet version The upgrade extends the range of supporting operating
systems and is now available for ARM server, MacOS, and even Raspberry Pi. The new Bitcoin
Gold wallet can be found on as many platforms as possible, the team utters and includes a refined
security development attained with the help of the Gitian deterministic build process. The Bitcoin
Gold core wallet can be downloaded directly from the organization’s homepage and all of its new
characteristics are carefully presented in detail:

The Bitcoin Gold team does not aim only for better technological performance


Bit coin gold 2
Bit coin gold – matix

though, but also
for a bigger and brighter community network. An important improvement is the new discussion
forum the team added on the website, as well as it also started using Discord servers to boost the
real-time discussions between all users and fans. The Bitcoin Gold organization insist on being
part of the vast cryptocurrency world and invites everyone, keen on developing, debating or just
commenting on the BTG coin to get in touch through any of the existing channels. The team claims
that they hired more cryptocurrency programmers to work for the Bitcoin Gold improvements
and they say to believe that the key to progress is in the expansion of the global BTG network. A
new ambassador program is already started by the community and some of the future goals
include adding more university training and research, as long as more meet ups and live

the Bitcoin Gold price has also evolved lately


Following the hard work of the organization and the essential upgrades, . The Bitcoin Gold price charts show an incredible volatility rate with
enormous ups and downs for a very short period of time. It reaches almost USD 500$ around the
time of the hard fork (or USD 479,82 $ to be precise), going down to close to USD 100 $ in the
beginning of November and reaching USD 400 $ again in the middle of the month. The highest
mark after the fork was set on 20th of December 2017 when the Bitcoin Gold price skyrocketed
to USD 474 $. After these incredible peaks, many financial analysts predicted a deep drop of the
Bitcoin Gold price, but it has happily celebrated its anniversary with another rise to USD 362,50 $
yesterday and a market cap of USD 6,076,515,405 $. We are just about to watch and see what
2018 will bring to the Bitcoin Gold price, but according to the cryptocurrency specialists, the
future is quite promising.


Bitcoin Gold Celebrates a Two-Month Anniversary with Updates and a High Price
The official Bitcoin Gold Launch
One of the most significant changes
The Bitcoin Gold team does not aim only for better technological performance
the Bitcoin Gold price has also evolved lately

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